Structured Cabling

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced structured cabling experts that can install cabling for any technology such as Network, A/V, Security Camera and Coaxial.

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In the digital age structured cabling is at the heart of every business. The ability to communicate quickly and reliably via telephone or electronic communications by way of the internet requires a solid communication infrastructure, and that is Structured Cabling. Structured cabling is the bonding agent that connects businesses to clients, and other businesses for receiving and delivering goods and services. Be it phone, fax, datacenters, network services, multimedia or wireless connections, it requires cabling. What makes Paul Lynch Cable LLC stand out from the rest is that we understand the unique requirements for each cabling project we service. We apply the best practices by our certified experts to guarantee your communication system is reliable. Your customers relying on you, and you can rely in on US!

What is Structured Cabling...Technically?

Structure cabling systems provide the infrastructure for telecommunication or data transmission by way of a computer network. Maintaining a device independent system is essential. The installation techniques employed by Paul Lynch Cable are the industry standard. Standardization in cabling systems is extremely important to achieve the anticipated performance, particularly as systems expand and cabling requirements begin to increase in complexity.

We are Prepared

All cabling configurations are different. This can be for a variety of reasons:

  1. The design of the of the structure
  2. The cable and connection products;
  3. The type of cabling required for your system
  4. The existence of a previous cabling installation
  5. Company's operating budget

Whatever the situation we are prepared!

Trust our service for all of your Data, Voice and IT/AV system installation needs: