Great Customer service. I called a few companies to get my camera internet and phone system set up around the area but they weren't very helpful. Only cared more about making money than getting me what I wanted . I keep searching until I found Paul . Amazing person always on time, very polite, fast and efficient worker and you never have to worry about quality of work . He is always searching for the best product to suit your needs and he kept me way below my budget. Awesome job sir
Thank you . Paul


Paul Lynch Cable is reliable, safe, and affordable. I'm glad I called them to repair my damaged phone line. There was a humming sound overtime I used the phone and the big cable companies couldn't fix it. Paul Lynch Cable came out and within minutes my phone line was crystal clear. Thanks Paul Lynch Cable!!


Installed a separate network for home office off existing home network. Installed jacks for phone and internet in wall in my basement. Now I can use my Magic Jack for my phone service and I can hard wire my computers downstairs. J&L Realtor. Great Job Paul Lynch Cable LLC.


Highly recommend Paul Lynch.