Data Cabling Installation

Getting The Job Done Right!

Paul Lynch Cable LLC technicians are skilled installers of Fiber, Cat5e and Cat6 cables. Our data cabling installation team has the experience to supply all of your needs. We have years of experience in running, terminating, and testing a wide variety of data cables. We can neatly run cables almost anywhere, including industrial structures, commercial establishments, residential and small offices. At Paul Lynch Cable, we pride ourselves on superior installations. A successful cabling installation requires the insight of spatial concerns and operating within the framework of our valued clients. Our team of expert data cabling installation technicians are equipped with the credentials to provide our customers with the superior results they expect.

Planning is Key!

  1. We thoroughly examine the available working space to assess installation options.
  2. Determine the most effective paths of routing for ease of installation and functionality
  3. Examine the structural concerns to give our clients the most "informed" set of options
  4. Perform a connection assessment for maximized productivity; wall jack, or cubical mounts
  5. Assess cabling requirements based on projected bandwidth consumption
  6. Include considerations for the use of access points
  7. And many other technical assessment service!

Our check list ensures that our customers receive the most comprehensive installation experience possible. The ultimate goals are sustained and maximum performance. Whether you are a startup company or a business that services clients globally, you are only as successful as your ability to communicate and transmit information without performance failures. Paul Lynch Cable has the dedication and experience to provide your business with what it needs to succeed.

Trust our service for all of your Data, Voice and IT/AV system installation needs: