By working Directly with Comcast Paul Lynch Cable is pleased to offer Comcast Business Services AND Comcast Business Mobile solutions - the leaders in business management services in the industry. Our association with Comcast provides cutting edge solutions for the SMB market. Reduce your current wireless services with CB Mobile! Enhance your internet connectivity with Comcast's fiber optic network. Experience faster uploads and downloads with 99% reliability and up to 10Gig internet speeds. Replace your old, outdated phone systems with Poly VoIP Phone System supported By Comcast reliable, state of the art systems, that can be customized to meet your workflow management. Explore private and public standard and HD TV services, Internet backup systems, credit card and email protection services. One company, one affordable price! Schedule your free consultation today.

Paul Lynch Cable gets you the right internet service Working Directly with Comcast and we then offer full installation and support, from your Point of Entry to workstation areas. We May Be Able to Bundle with Mobile and get you $40 off your internet for one year if you contract through us. Call us or visit our website for more details. (732) 675-6321;