About Our Company

Who We Are

Paul Lynch Cable LLC is a family owned and operated business located in Edison New Jersey. We are a community-oriented company that serves the members of our area. Edison has seen a surge in economic growth. As a result, the need for high quality communication and data transfer systems has also increased. In the high-speed age of communication, Paul Lynch Cable LLC is equipped to meet the technical demands for home and business.

In the age of global commerce and information exchange, unlocking opportunities to new markets requires consistent, and predictable communication infrastructure. Choosing the correct cabling company can be the difference between increased revenue and catastrophic effects on profits.

We Are "Smart Business"

Speed and reliability in communications is a basic requirement in the survival of your business, and that involves a structured cabling company with the same characteristics. No business can survive the destructive effects of inexperience or poorly designed systems. Growing your business requires a well-planned communications system, and that takes a team of specialists with the know-how and focus to execute that plan. "We" are that company.

New opportunities are awaiting your business, and Paul Lynch Cable "connects" you to those opportunities!


Our Promise

  1. Convenient and expedient delivery of services.
  2. Growing and maintaining a network of customers.
  3. Expert installation of data and voice systems.
  4. To provide our clients with cost-controlling systems, which encourages increased revenue.
  5. Courteous and dependable maintenance and support.

The Right Choice For You

Paul Lynch Cable is the right choice for structured cabling done right. Our years of experience is the foundation of our customer satisfaction. The expansion of your organization requires a skilled contractor with a proven record. You deserve the very best.