Paul Lynch Cable LLC is your first choice for structured cabling applications. We design and install
intelligent and adaptive cabling solution to support your network or communications systems.

Superior Solutions
Our company uses industry-standard design patterns to ensure the highest quality work is available to our customers, we never cut corners, and we never will. Our clients deserve superior service and that is our guarantee. We are the name you can trust.

Accurate Estimates
Because we can quickly assess the technical needs of your operation,we deliver fast and accurate estimates that allow you to make informed decisions that are best for you. We are always prepared to answer any of your questions.

Expert Experience
Your business demands the reliability of an experienced contractor, and you can rely on the expertise of our work. Every technician employed by Paul Lynch Cabling LLC is licensed and certified with years of experience in the field.

Everyday in business is a big day.
Be ready with comcast business.

Gig speeds to businesses plus the reliability you need.
Advance cyber security solutions to help protect all your connected devices.
24x7 customer support from a team of can do innovators and collaborators.
Quote can include full scale install, business service package, DMARC extension and premises cabling. Get a free quote: call 732-675-6321,

Live Remote Video Monitoring
Contact us today to learn more about our Live Remote Video Monitoring
and Available **2-Way Audio from Active Watch
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More Reasons To Choose Us
Building your structured cabling environment requires a dependable company that
understands the needs of its clients and the ability to deliver satisfaction rapidly with unmatched
support. Here are some more good reasons to choose Paul Lynch Cable.

  • Complete Assessment
    We perform a full evaluation to identify the criteria required for reaching your voice and information delivery system goals.
  • Innovative & Dynamic
    Sensible systems are essential to your growing business. We strategize to develop the most effective and comprehensive cabling solutions.
  • Reliable Support
    We are dedicated to helping your operation run smoothly, and our skilled professionals are here to address any of your tecnical concerns.
  • Budget Friendly
    Cost concerns are a reality, however we can evaluate your needs and your budget and help formulate a system that works for both. We work with you!
  • Prompt Service
    Time is money and your time is valuable; we are fully committed to getting the job done swiftly without compromising the quality of our work. You deserve nothing less.
  • Customer Experience
    Our superb customer service is the best in the industry. For customers who want excellent service, we are here to deliver. We recognize that the saying one size fits all is a myth and so we will use all of our knowledge, experience and tools to make your project worthwhile, because we're a customer focused organization.